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the child tells it neutral rapper shorty
the minutes pass
I will times
day escape
missing happiness knew before
when he played and laughed without knowing feeling
but it went vanished like smoke was going Wind
Just now I am
and even after the concerts
I feel empty'm as alive and dead at the same time
I have wanted to mourn and deep breathing
I would fly to another planet and forget this world
I wonder what happened to those friends yesterday
They tripiaban me and I thought I knew
friendship is a label that men should not be broken but less worth one compadre the ass of a woman?
I could understand that apparently all in vain
is not friend anyone who embraces you and gives you his hand
all children dream we touch clouds
you grow up and you realize that the planet consumes you (this is my story)
happy child at my school went forward
I was good my mother always thanked God
innocence and curiosity led me to substances
very slowly my mind and took my childhood
Now the intelligent child who adored mom and dad
He is walking among people with dull eyes
dematrada face attitude and frustrated because nothing was proposed in those days you could
his grandmother is sick the body lost the balanze the doctor detect a disease in its avanze
was out outreach and tough to recover and later lapsed her life led her cancer
rapper crying child
just looked pal soil
no one gave him comfort
porqe was mariguanero
step only a month and again watched from the sky
hit him this time his grandfather llevandosele
sunk in the difficult crisis time
for young relatava experiences on paper
began to rise toward the world which flower bud
a penniless father pay pa blind study
immature drug without pride that destroyed
prompted him to seek money taking what is not yours
porqe frustrated life but will not give away
between dark days I pipe a date with a girl
wolf dressed in sheep's boy gave his heart
He had little experience in love cuestones
always loyal and attentive gentleman good'm honest but it was the same one that took desepcion
much bitterness to the years strangers often spent
discriminated by several nobody he wanted to help because I had very little silver single desire to improve resources and confidence in your pulse
the need attacks and feel that time is running out a lot of money in caracas nearly shattered hopes
not looking forward to another defeat with a pencil and note Rolo on a cell and a pistol I kill one PTJ
rial but now with fleeing
One day I was sleeping at 5:30 a.m. one madrugonazo ayanamiento
officials told him the happy laughing (pa the next monitors when not kill you are watching)
as a boy with his youth burning problems
not stop writing songs just came out and saw light does not know what to expect because his song is so good
and sounds in various parts hears a multitude health deteriorates feels that arrives on time but there is a lady in distress prays nights
and implores the god of heaven and comfort him in a duel the boy rapper not fall down on the floor
The man plead drastically and young triumph in music and now has to fanatical
I not only learned more about him say he wrote neutral and what you're listening to right now. I do not trust anybody, I do not trust anyone
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