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Letras de Ellipsism de Littozt

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And your time has came
Want to play a game?
So she said
It was fine

Then you want to say
It was hard to explain
Under me
In your mind

I could say the word
But this man it’s a dumb
He left me
For a lie

So I say to she
Get away from him
Live in me
Just tonight eh eh eh

Then it was hard to say
¿how to gave this way?
She’s now free
For this night

Then we start to talk
And I Couldn't talk
What this night
Has to hide.

But i can’t now do
What the love can do
Fool and be
Another lie

Hear my voice goes well
But again i fell
If i love
You'll be fine eh eh eh

But the time has gone
and i'm listening our song
Of the beatles
To my heart

And I Miss She now
¿Why couldn't try?
But this time
I live out

Love is love ¿Who says?
Heart or Pain. They Have
could it be
the same time

So I say good bye
well, its just for now
Keep on me
I'll be back eh eh eh
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