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Letras de Dolor Y Guayabo (en Ingles) de Moise Oviedo

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Here I find taking me to forget the anguish
They are dying carrying my life for another route
If I have to be drunk for joint pain
With a wicked hangover clubbing me and frightens me.
The pain was leave my fundito gradually mourns
Knowing that he who ate were leaving their fruits
The she is munching the chimo under a stick and cemeruca
After doing homework struggling from end to end.
Had planted corn, black beans, beans and sugar cane,
Sucker duck and banana, a few pataruca
A small handful of cattle a grouped guácimo
Shadowing the tough summer than in March embeds
Guava of a lady who was too unfair
Tasajeo my heart in an absolute way
I never thought woman you were so clever
It seems that your wickedness never and never expires.
I could never understand your wanting acted confused
But no matter woman does not accept the apology
Follow your evil way, who knows if you enjoy
If you've seen I do not remember for me you are a trespasser
I'll stop drinking this drink ended the dispute
Brisa you'll eventually take my ilusa missing
Fly my thought is feeling maluca
To move forward looking for a replacement.
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