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Letras de Tears Of The Ancient Dream de Benevolence

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In the cold winter night
Moon was the only light
The whistling wind was sharp as a knife
She was running from slavery and darkness

Running with her child in her embraced
Bleeding beneathher breast
Yet still running among the frosty trees
Slowly bleeding away her strength

On her dress blood frozen
The moonlight started to darken
Through the whistling wind
Was echoing a sound of silence

She fell on her back by turning
On the snowy ground was lying
Looking at her child and crying
Under the moonlight slowly dying

Pease baby run up to the hill
Look where the children of freedom sing
There will be the land of our dreams
The land we shed tears for centuries

Tears running on her death colour face
Wispering of dreamland each other thay embrace
Red of blood were her lips
Near her death she gave her child Nora akiss

Tears of the ancient dream
To live in the land of liberty
In the land of our dreams
Where the eagle loud can scream
Songs of birds freedom feels

The moonlight darkend black
The whistling wind silent death
Her eyes filld with tears,twinkeld in the moonlight
Looking at her child with her eyes open wide she died

Mother please do not die
In your eyes I can see the love of you
Suudenly a voice of man said
She is dead my little friend
Soldier of freedom was standing there

In the sky there was a glowing light
Soldiers of benevolence fly
There was a sound shakeing the ground
Soldiers of benevolence marching nigh
With the flag of freedom arised
They took Nora to the freedom land

In the dreamland eagle took a flight
The light of freedom hit the sky
People dancing around and around
Sound of music high and loud
Tears of joy in every window
Throwing roses at soldiers of freedom

Tears of sorrow in one window
Tears of Nora in one sad window
With two roses in her hand
One for liberty one for funeral ceremony

The end of slavery and darkness
In the dreamland beneath the mountain
Choir of children sing of eagle
Nora there with the flag of freedom

Nature so we can be free
Air so we all can breath
Trees to hear birds sing
Ocean to wosh our dark memories

Tears of the ancient dream
Tears of joy for being free
In the land of our dreams
Where the eagle loud can scream
Songs of birds freedom feels
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