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Letras de Suffocate de Nuclear Chaos

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I'll Remember Your Face
The Time I Die
And You'll Get My Fears
The Day You Cry
I'll Become the Master
Of Insanity
The Crown of Blood
The Killer Of God

Rape The Flesh Of My Shell
Let Go
Let The Pain Go In My Veins
Right On
Wings Of Hate Embrace Me Again
Let Them
Kill Me Like The Ones Who Created Me

The Slave Becomes The Killer
The Killer Becomes God
The Natural Progression
Of The Queens Turned To Rot

They Suffocate You
And You Want To Run
And You Want To Become
What You Are Not
I'll See You In Hell
With Me ANd I Will Laugh
You Will Bring Us Down
You Will Bring Us Down

Follow The Essence
Blood Starts To Run
Shattered Presence Of The Light
Of Day.
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