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Letras de Dexterity de Littozt

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I’m trying to feel i’m trying to die..die
I’m dying here at stunning night..night

The dying whale.
The dying head.
Going away.
First a fit now,
Dance ahead jail,
Make me real.

Going away now
Dying dreams at heaviest head...hard.
Should it shoot him.
Voice are tell'em run away now.

Strating the night i'm hard to say.
Make a sleep note.
For the feel board
Fall at symbol
¿Can you help me?.

Go away now
Burn or stabbing
Its hard to think now.
Done my self by
I won't feelings
Have to hit me

Don't trust on my word
Just slave of me
Don't mean that i'm a hero
I'm on hell now.

I'm try to feel my own
Even if don't you like it
Tap my baby,
I'm not going to hurt you.
I won't stop until i have your obsessed heart.
If you don't know i've been inside of it, all the time.
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