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Letras de Hate Me de Littozt

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Fear is my best friend in this lonely night.
God is laughing because I’m in the wrong path.
it seems some tears in your blank star.
Slave for a eternity in my own art.

Red trees until a new vent turns it to white dust.
One man up demanding peace & love but behind is dark.
¿Who's bad here?, a man below the ground or a god in the sky.
Turn it around, you'll see why you hate me much.

While you're hating me, you have blind eyes.

Your eyes smile at me abiotically.

Feel my pain to the break of dawn.

Outcry of the peace-sin's for eternity.

ah ah ah ah.......ah ah ah ah

While you're hating me you have blind eyes
there's no reality anymore...

Writted By: Bryan White.
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