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Letras de Real World de Between The Fallen

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What happened to all I knew?
The world I saw, it's gone

I'd have to run to escape
From this unbelievable lie
This blindness spread out like a disease
To what I've known

Maybe I'm not the only one
Thinking there's another way out
Fading in front of my eyes
Today I deliver to my fate

To my fate

It burns my veins dry and pushes my hope aside
When my eyes start seeing truth, I shall be born again

Roaming through my life, away from my path
I won't fall broken, I won't give up
I won't fall broken, I won't give up

This is our growl

I won't allow this belief consume me
Liberating myself from the world
Within my thoughts
I'll find that way
To show up the real world

We may not recognize freedom
But still we've gotta think as if we are free

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