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Letras de We Come Up In de Big D Featuring Lil F

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Chorus 4x
when i come up in and knock down your door,
do you want some more? (huh, huh)
(big d)
we be coming up in your home knockin down your door, to floor,
i come up in and i be like hey buddy like pauly shore,
and then i bust you in your nose,
you little hush yo mouth,
heading south to the valley,
also by the alley,
also by the bowling alley, the place where i be bowling with sally.
Chorus 4x
(big d)
now that i came up in your home and knocked down your door, to the floor
don't be mad cause you still don't want no more,
and you can catch me at the show,
rockin the starter jacket and the same brand clothes,
and i be steppin on your toes,
as well as all my foes.
Chorus 4x
(lil f)
me and my brother,
showing our true colors,
rockin mics,
this thing is tight,
and we can be alright,
if we can make it through the night,
its for your satisfaction,
ain't no settin back relaxing,
in this game since 94',
i feel the pain,
until i sit back and relax and count my fat stacks, of cash,

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