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Letras de Champion de Zac Maloy

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You fly and you fall
You try and you fail
But still you keep going
You crash and you stall
You sink 'til you sail
'Cause you never know when
The tide's gonna turn
The wind's gonna change
But we're gonna make it
The world's gonna learn and remember our names
It's bend, not breaking

Through blood and tears, we rise
Tonight we come alive

We are the sons of a promised dream
Daughters of hope, we will not give up
They say we're broke and they say we're weak
But strong beats the heart of a champion
We're gonna stand when we've been knocked down
We crawl, we walk until we run
We're gonna fight, gonna hold our ground
'Cause we've got the heart of a champion
'Cause we've got the heart of a champion

We are the soul
We are the proud
We are the dreamers
Not letting go and not backing down
Not gonna leave here
And seeing the prize, we'll keep reaching out
Until we hold it
This is our time
This is our house
This is our moment

Through blood and tears, we rise
With a fire in our eyes
'Cause tonight we come alive

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