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Letras de Mirror de Kat Dahlia

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I wear my heart on my sleeve
Don't act like that's a disease
Need y'all to bear with me please
I just say what I see
We all just chasing a dream
In the land of the free
While we paying a fee
To stay on this concrete
Well, I don't know the price of your roof
But the first of the month we all pay our dues
When the rain falls it don't rain on a few
When the sun shine it don't shine just on you

I don't know the monsters you knew
But I'm trying to forget the ones I met too
Baby you could help me
Baby I could help you

You look at me and you see what I see
Because your looking in the mirror
When your with me there's no use in hiding
Because you're looking in the mirror
Baby baby baby don't look away
Because you're looking in the mirror
Cause maybe maybe maybe we're just the same
Because you're looking in the mirror

We're all crossing paths
For a reason I know that
Hoping just to share some laughs
Avoid the broken glass
Have I met you in the past
In a life that I lived last
You know they go too fast
God knows they go to fast

Baby baby
Baby baby
It's the same pain
And when I wake
I hear the same wave
Of sirens coming down my way
And I'll never try to leave you
Baby you're the one I cling to
Baby don't look away
Baby don't look away
I am you

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