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Letras de Brown Chicken, Brown Cow de Trace Adkins

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Bobby Joel and Betty got a real nice farm
Everybody knows that they work real hard
Bobby Joel sweating in the noonday sun
Betty right beside him until the work's all done
But every now and then they get a strong desire
To crawl up in the hay and set the barn on fire

Now the hay needs hauling, the hogs needs slop
The corn needs cutting but the tractor's stopped
They climbing up the ladder, clear through the loft
Shucking those dirty old work clothes off
Singing brown chicken, brown cow
(Ain't nobody watching but the)
Brown chicken, brown cow

Black crow sitting on a weather-vane
He can see them coming from a mile away
Yeah, he's caw-caw-cawing out a loud alarm
Hey you all, Bobby Joel and Betty heading for the barn
Now the chicken ain't pecking and the cow won't eat
They're fighting each other for a front row seat

(Ain't nobody watching)

Brown chicken, brown cow
(Ain't nobody watching but)
Brown chicken, brown cow
Only one watching, baby
(Ain't nobody watching)

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