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Letras de Damn You Bubba de Trace Adkins

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I was working my magic one night at the rusty spur
I was talking that you know what to you know her
I was laying it down like barbecue sauce brushing it on real thick
When he walked in, she flashed him a grin
I never lost a woman that quick

Aww! damn you Bubba
And your '82 Cadillac
And your new hairdo and your dancing shoes
For making me look bad
Damn you Bubba
And your 50 dollar bank roll
Brand new jeans, I know what that means
You must have got a job
Aww! damn you Bubba

Last week Bubba sat at the shallow end of the bar
He was one of us trying his best to just win a heart
I walked up to him and said, hey Bubba let me get in on your plan
He leaned back and laughed and said, "The Bubba don't run with a wing man"

Turned in my application Friday morning
At 6 am on the dot
The man called Monday said I'm sorry
Bubba done filled that spot

And I don't
I got to get a job
Damn you Bubba
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