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Letras de Dangerous Man de Trace Adkins

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Usually I'm level-headed, ain't too excitable
Keep it on the slow and steady, Mr. Dependable
Always had the same job, the same look, the same friends
That's the way its going to stay
That's the way its always been
I never knew I had another side
But girl with you, I'm Jekyll and Hyde

When the lights are down low
And you nibble on my neck
I can't be held responsible
For what might happen next
No telling what I'll do
When I get you in my hands
With a woman like you
I'm a dangerous man
Yeah, I'm a dangerous man

All the things I want to do
All the things I want to say
I never met anyone
Ever made me feel this way
You're like a drug, baby
You make me crazy, honey
Make me want to rob a bank
And make love in the pile of money
Don't try to act all
Innocent and sweet
Because you know exactly what it is you do to me

I'm a fairly dangerous man

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