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Letras de Days Like This de Trace Adkins

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I can smell that fresh coffee beginning to brew
From the swing on this deck with a heck of a view
Of the sun burning steam off the lake and the dew off the ground

The weatherman's calling for clear as can be
And I believe that he's right
Because my stubborn left knee is feeling awful dang good
And that's just what I'm needing right now

So don't bring me the paper, don't turn on the news
If it'll fire me up, keep it away from my fuse
If the world's going to hell, let it go, I'll just blow it a kiss
Don't want to think about things like that
On days like this

Some days are just made for a big change of plans
So bring me your body and baby let's dance
You're all that I want on my mind and my hands right now
Right now baby

Days like this
Not today baby
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