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Letras de Hauling One Thing de Trace Adkins

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Monday I [?] from Pennsylvania
Swapped it for a load of long horns in for work
Wednesday, I slept until noon
Parked outside a Houston breezy spoon

Here it takes it's hot salt south to Albuquerque
Spent the night and showered in a Motel Six
Now I'm on a Houston, coming home
Get ready girl, I'm burning up the road

And I'm only hauling one thing
Girl, it belongs to you
I can't get home too soon

I'm in the passing lane
Taking needles, leaving smoke
One state to go between you and me
And I'm only hauling one thing

I've been right now, you're sleeping in my T-shirt
The one you steal each time I'm on the road
You say it makes you think of me
I think of that and I don't need caffeine

So I'm jamming gears and standing on the peddle
Filled up with diesel, fifty miles to go
For five days I've been in this truck
But I'll be home before the sun comes up

Yeah, yeah, I'm only hauling one thing, babe, yeah
Yeah, I'm east bond down
Close it up and [?]
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