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Letras de High de Trace Adkins

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There's no whiskey in this glass
Try not to smoke too many cigarettes
I stay away from Mary Jane
These are my choices
I'm not going to judge you if you do
So don't you judge me if I don't
I got my reasons, my demons and my past
But hey, the truth is
Yeah, the truth is

I get high
Driving down the freeway
Just knowing that it's Saturday
And I got no place to be
I get high
Standing in the spotlight
No words for what it feels like
When you sing these songs back to me
If you ask me now
I'll tell you this is how
I get high

Sometimes this world can be too much
Some days I feel like being out of touch
And I see a sunset that takes my breath away
And I find hope again
Set there and drink it in

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