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Letras de Hillbilly Rich de Trace Adkins

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He grew up picking in a chicken wire joint
Burning up the road, from point to point
Doing Silver bullets, singing "Shotgun Willie"
A five piece band and a coal black telly
He told his mama one day I'm going to be like the king
Buy you a house and a Big diamond ring
You can tell your boss down at the truck stop stick it
Your Backwoods bare foot boy done hit it

Hillbilly Rich
Podunk Proud
He got horns on the hood of his caddy, cruising round town
Got some nuddie boots, got a big city cutie
Blonde hair Brown roots
Look out another hometown hick done struck it
Hillbilly rich

There's a big crowd gathered at the Walmart store
He's flying off the shelf
The folks want more
Got a sold out show down in Dallas tonight
And them Rhinestone sparkle in the big spot light
Cornbread country living like a rock-star
Got 40 acres and a swimming pool, shaped like a guitar

Hes throwing parties catching the town
He got family, he never knew he had

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