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Letras de I Wanna Feel Something de Trace Adkins

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If you're telling me I'm not on fire
You're just preaching to the choir
I've gotten dull as old barbed wire from living
Last night I watched the evening news
It was the same old, nothing new
It should have cut me right in two
But it didn't
I don't know why it didn't

But I want to feel something
Something that's a real something
That moves me, that proves to me I'm still alive
I want a heart that beats and bleeds
A heart that's busting at the seams
I want to care, I want to cry, I want to scream
I just want to feel something

If you're telling me that's just how it is
I don't buy it because once I was kissed
By a red-headed girl with cherry lips
On her porch when I was sixteen
And I felt it somewhere in my soul and time stood still and I couldn't let go
I can't tell you because I don't know how I got so cold
When did I get so cold

I hate that I'm jaded and I make you cry
But still you stick around me, only God knows why
Damn it all to hell, I'm done
Because I don't like what I've become
So come here, baby
Come here, baby

Come here, baby
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