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Letras de Love Buzz de Trace Adkins

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Everyone's asking me
Boy what's got into you
Think I been nipping on the sauce
I walk around smiling like I feel no pain at all
I guess I don't but that's because

I got a little love buzz
I'm flying like a kite does
Higher than the sky, got me feeling right
Better than the booze does
I'm sober as an old judge
I'll tell you right now because
My baby, she's a good drug
I got a little love buzz

Seems all I want to do
Is get to where she is
And belly up to her again yeah
And I'll take all she's got
Because she's the top shelf kind
She keeps me strung out on a binge

Yes, sir officer
I can walk your line
And I can say your ABC's
No, I haven't had a drop
And I don't smoke that stuff
If you got to know then I'll come clean
Here's the truth

I can feel a little love buzz
It's coming on now
I'm feeling a little light headed
Little love buzz, little love buzz, little love buzz
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