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Letras de More Of Us de Trace Adkins

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Seems like every time I turn around
Another ten commandments is coming down
As if this country revolves around
The people who hate my God
They want Him out of the courthouse
And out of the schools
Off the airways and under the pews
I think it's time we remind those fools
Of something that they forgot

That there's more of us
Than there are of them
Don't you think we've taken enough
Of all this giving in
It's bout time for pushing back
What do you say we take a stand
I'm talking to the Red, White, and Blue
Tried and through proud American friends
Remember there's more of us
Than there are of them

Now listen
I know we've learned to talk the talk
But now it's time we walk the walk
With one voice we ought to call a halt
To the madness in D.C
We got to change the course they've got us on
Double check whose side they're really on
Seems to me they've got this country wrong
It belongs to you and me
That's right

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