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Letras de Ride de Trace Adkins

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Take a trip from here

Bogalusa, Baton Rouge
New Orleans, Picayune
Boloxi, Pascagoula
Mobile Bay,Big full moon
Diesel up just north of Destin
Headed cross to Jacksonville
Love to see the world come at me
Through the bugs
On a big windshield
Yeah, that's right
Tear it down in Raleigh-Durham
Haven't got an hour to lose
Head up to the coast to Virginia
Read the newest Newport News
Back across the Appalachians
Blowing into Louisville
Love to feel the big wheels turning
Always have and always will

Somewhere inside me
There's a new direction
Somewhere before me
There's an open road
Can't go to sleep
Without that diesel singing
Somebody telling me
It's time to go
Let's ride
Come on boys, let's ride
Little Rock, Texarkana
Dallas, Fort-Worth and El Paso
110 in the desert
Pedal down
Go dog go
Always love to see the people
Always love to hear the crowd
Always love to bring a party
Turn it up and play it loud

Let's ride like the wind
I'll be back again
As sure as this world's spins around
One day I might find a reason
To shut this thing down
But for now
Let's ride

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