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Letras de Semper Fi de Trace Adkins

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He sat in that long line of barber chairs
The Sergeant asked him, son, would you like to keep your hair?
He said, yes sir as he heard those clippers buzzing home
The sergeant said, well hold out your hands, because here it comes

Semper Fi, do or die
So gung ho, to go and pay the price
Here's to Leathernecks, Devil dogs, and Jar heads
Parris Island in July, Semper Fi

I sleep in my bed instead of the foxhole
I never heard my boss tell me to lock n load
Ain't no bullet holes in the side of my SUV
Because the kid next door just shipped out overseas

For the few that wear the dress blues
Haircut high and tight
Who are proud to be the first ones in the fight
Semper Fi

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