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Letras de Southern Hallelujah de Trace Adkins

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Ah yeah
I'm going to preach you now, brothers & sisters, listen

Northern dolls, pretty please
Dot their I's and cross their T's
Black skirt, high heels, show you no pity
Sunshine smile, Pacific girls
Got the DNA mojo know-how
Yes, man, they can make you so dizzy
Made out of Heaven's grand design
It's right there across that Mason-Dixon line

Georgia girls get you jumping
Bama belles set hearts pumping
Texarkana maids are something with their sweet tea hospitality
Mississippi ladies' mission
Keep them Yankee boys wishing
Old Webster's definition is zippity-doo-dah, what we do to you
The girls with Southern Hallelujah

Well, hey who knew the way they talk
How do you dos and bless your hearts
And hey you all drawls melt you like butter
Lose your Ps and Qs
They'll set you down
Give you a who to
They'll hush your mouth
Nice to find some spice in the sugar
Restores my faith in humanity
Can I get a witness out there
Who agrees with me?

Their kind of beauties just born to make us cry
Don't ask me how I know because I can't tell you why
Just know that I'm one hell of a lucky guy
Whoa oh and then some
Can I get an amen, son?
Amen now

Yeah, amen son
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