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Letras de Sweet de Trace Adkins

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Back as far as I remember, mama always worried about me
You see mama knew my taste in women
She'd say whatever you do, boy find one that's sweet
Mama, I finally found one that I'd like you to meet

She's sweet like a Cadillac
Sweet like a stack of hard cash
Sweet like the diamond bling
Dangling down from her belly button ring
She's sweet like a handful of aces
Tattoos in secret places
Mama, can't you see she's sweet

No mama, she isn't into ironing
And she isn't one to scrub the house and clean
No mama, she couldn't boil a pot of water
So she won't need non of Grandma's recipes
But mama don't you worry none
She's taking real good care of me

She's sweeter like a Hollywood dream
7,7,7 on a slot machine
She's sweet
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