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Letras de Swing de Trace Adkins

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Take me out to the ball game

Swing batter, batter, swing (x6)

(Strike one)
Hey baby, do you do come here often
(Strike two)
Hey baby, now what's your sign
(Strike three)
Hold on, now where are you going?
(He is out)
Jimmy's out next in line

(First Base)
Why yes I went to Harvard
I majored in Pre-Med
(He's got a big lead)
(Picked off)
Just stayed for one semester
(It could be he's out)
Toms out who's next

[Verse 3
Everybody strikes out nine times out of ten
But you got to step up to the plate son because every now and then
(Fast ball)
She walked right up to me
(Here's the pitch)
Said could I take you home
(Theirs a drive)
Hey boys I'll see you later
(It could be, it, it is!)
Going, going, going, gone

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