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Letras de The Stubborn One de Trace Adkins

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They say that smoking isn't allowed in here
But I don't care
Try to sneak you some
Saw your buddies at the barber shop
And they sure fight a lot
Just like they've always done
You look at me
Like you don't know who I am
But that's alright
Because I know who you are

You're the stubborn one
My great-granddaddy's son
The one who drank his whiskey from a coffee cup
Time has stripped you of
So many things you love
But you keep fighting on
Because you're the stubborn one

Remember when we saw Hank Aaron play
I was in second grade
You snuck me out of school
And you wore overalls to Sunday church
You said the Good Lord's work
Ain't done in a monkey suit
You bought your tires down at
Eddie Shaw's garage
You said K-Mart didn't need your dollar

The nurses wonder why
I keep coming back
They tell me you can't hear me
I guess I'm more like you
Than anybody knew
I can't let go of what I hold so dearly
The stubborn one

Yeah, the stubborn one
You're the stubborn one
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