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Letras de Words Get In The Way de Trace Adkins

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I want to tell you that I'm sorry
I want to say that I was wrong
I want to tell you that this circus
That we've been living in
Ain't where we belong
It's like the Grand Canyon
And we're out here on the edge
But we're still standing
Baby we haven't fallen yet

I don't want to talk anymore tonight
Falling through the trap
Of who's wrong and who's right
It's easy to see
The way you're looking at me
That you just want the same things
That I do
All I want is to make love to you
There's really nothing to say
Don't let our words get in the way

We both know love's not perfect
It's good, it's bad, it's everything
You know what makes it worth it
For the all the moments in between
There's a deep ocean
Sometimes it's sink or swim
These are real emotions
So baby let's dive in

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