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Letras de Made It de Zed Zilla

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I still got the key
We still got the streets on lock man what the fuck wrong with these niggas man
Thought a nigga was slipping man
We never fall off man c'mon man you know that shit man

Drug money went and spent it at the lot (drug money!)
Put them forgies on that bitch so it can squat
Told my teacher imma grow up slangin' pot
Hundred bands i rubber band that shit a knot
They say i wouldn't make it
My momma said nigga be patient I trap out a vacant
They say i wouldn't make it (x2)
My momma said nigga be patient I trap out a vacant
They say i wouldn't make it (x2)

I pull up in audi and rari im shittin' on niggas and bitches that said i wouldn't make it
The fuck wrong with niggas that talkin' 'bout me
I pull up in V
Li-li-livin like diddy I'm covered in gold
I run with a tool
I come in your house
Fuc*** yo' bitch on the couch
Stickin' this dick in her mouth!
My diamonds they hit like rocky these haters they copy my pockets is sloppy
I'm whippin and workin the stove you stuffin' the dope up your nose
You broke as a bitch with no clothes my rolly it come with a roll
I'm smashin' and passin' that bitch
You fell in love with a ho!

I take this kush blunt and face it
Doublin' my cup I'm 'bout to pour up and I wanna take straight medication
Them bitches was hatin' they said i wouldn't make it
These lyin' hoes they get information
From everyday niggas that [?] they probably trap right out your vacant
Full of the drugs I'm strapped up
Guess what I'm still on probation
Her head is good as fuck thats why you see her she give head in rotation
My wrist just lit the fuck up
My bitch she thinkin' she asian
Flip the pack then fuck her right up cause nigga shit I got no patience
My nigga

Glizzy glizzy bitch
I got 30 on my wrist
Drove all the way Atlanta with that 30 on my hip
They want 30 for a show? I want 30 for a brick
I'm a young rich nigga we ain't living too different
Put them F's all on my hip
Threw them F's all on my whip
Teacher gave me all F's cause I was flexin' in that bitch!
Young Jefe got that weight these skinny niggas need a lift
Chapo called me from the payphone told me go and get them bricks

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