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Letras de 36 Villianz de Playboi Carti

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"You'd be very foolish to not to understand that because demons are real and people are influenced by bad spirits"

Yeah, yeah
Carti, yeah

Southside nigga, flat ninja
My niggas take time off yo' clock with the Glock
Purple killing that fool, I smoke dolo by two
Got me high to the roof, got ya' bitch getting loose
Carti that dude, it's blue in the jewels
[?] comes on, three G's one blunt just me three cunts come feel with me drink up
(Uh Damn)
I'm off the green gas, going
I'm high way, lay my ass with you
This the truth bitch, this is what I do bitch, this is what I do bitch
Nigga fuck you(Carti)
F*** em all get this cake that's how I piss them off
I got work that's gon' be gone tomorrow
Ship it off state to state, nigga don't hate
Cartier with your bitch on the interstate, foreign whip she love this shit she ridin' it rollin' that glass roll that gas bitch I'm the man

(all of these bitches (x4))
(im gon fuck all of these bitches (x3))
(fuck what you think, Carti)

(crying and screaming)
(Noooo nooo noooo, stop it ahhhhhh)
(heavy breathing)(nooo stop it, you murderer!)
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