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Letras de Erased (a Fear So Cold) de Nuclear Chaos

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I’m not here
To be your slave
There is no compromise
There is something right in my ears
In my head that tells me to run
Overnight I tried to speak
To scream what I have inside
But you never wanted to be right on my fucking side

I won’t be erased

Life can drain real fast
And there is no second time
Take the time to look back
The cradle will be empty know

Can’t you see I’m here?
I’m like a ghost with no face
Can’t you hear my screams?
Leading you to me

So cold, that’s what you want to be
So cold, can’t you see I’m standing here?
So cold, lost in your times and fears
I won’t be erased

Something to hide
The lessons that you don't want
Bring me the right
To make you my
Enemy at last

Mirrors can’t fade your pride
Take away mine
‘Cause you don't have one

How you can't see me
Not even trying?
How you can’t see me?
I won’t be erase

How you can hide me
Words to deny me
Pieces of feelings?
I won’t be erased

Rightness pose to whole
Deceived society
Just a brief way of a joke
But I would ever be here

The ghost to fear
The one to blame
The pills to take
The blood to break
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