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Letras de Devil's Touch de Nuclear Chaos

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Growing darkness will tell the questions
About your broken side

Lots of proud
Waste of truth that innocently you won

Threatening realm
It’s yours to tell about the fucking world
You can’t escape
From your fate
Now prepare to die

See now what is written in stone
Prepare to feel lost
And consume your soul

Just take one look at the sky
There is nothing in sight
Just go and die

Now feel the evil touch
Getting all that you own
To the underworld

Leading the game
For the rest of this:
Fuc*** brain-dead man
Couldn’t be philosophy
Just a matter of wasting time
Your innocent ways to waste
Your boring life in shit
You had sold your mind and soul
Just enough for being erased

The last he told me
Was to take my place
To remain in silence
While he eats my soul (life)

Die, die, die
I can’t run
There is no way to run
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