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Letras de The New God de Nuclear Chaos

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Slaves of kings who shall remain
The spring of flesh and bones to break

To crawl and beg
For death

Against the pain
Fulfill my greed
I feel the seed
To obey the hate

Fire beneath their crowns of hopes

Pray for grace in the arms of hell
Eat words of blood written on the flesh

Take me away
right now

I’m self-aware
I see
I'm done
Take away this pain
I won’t go home
No, I’m self-aware
How I feel
I'm gone
Take me away
I know
I'm done

I am the face of God
Produced by demons on your eyes
Share the skin of putrid bless

Eat the lies in the light of darkness
To keep the soul of pride

They're lies
I won’t go home

I am the one you seek
I am the enemy
I am the last of gilt
I am the one you see
On blood

I am God
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