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Letras de We Got This (all Day) - Eye See You de Jessie Reyez

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¡Sun shining on my face /
Shouts to the one above for giving me another day /
Grams still watching, see I'm on my way /
To make it to that other stage in this game I started to play /
Dice in my hand, give em another shake /
And let the good times roll, and gather what you've made /
Challenges are daily, habits I've gotta change /
Keep a brova focused on the balance I've gotta gain /
Feels good! to do what I love after I wake /
First nourish the soul and let the art take place /
Word, for her I know my heart made space /
And I didn't apply the care needed to maintain it /
Love without patience is so draining /
I'm careful with my time and who I exchange it with /
Time is an amazing thing /
You can build or destroy with every second you get /


¡Let the moon shine in /
Get loose like you're sipping on some moonshine mixed /
No time to care about what the fools might think /
Just focused on fam and doing my ting / brova
No holding back, lose my chill /
Product of the north, call it what you want /
I'm a boost my skill, sharpen what I talk /
Keep building from scratch man, solder all the parts /
I fear nothing, f*** it /
I'm killing em' all, with quarter circles and fierce buttons /
Come on, for real I ain't trying to hear nothing /
Unless it's about the progress or about production /
Sheeit, we just out here trying to function /
From Sauga City out to the Junction /
Next step world wide /
Time to travel the globe and let the words shine /
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