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Letras de Thug Cry de Bizzy Bone

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Nigga we represent the planet get schizophrenic n panic mabe the past would
understand if they get off their ass and mash. how do you manage? paranoid
don't eventrust my boys watch for them plot and deploys envoys scopin like a
dope fiend but i'm smokin in the alleyz with these ghetto guns and erase my
fund waats niggas in cali take bullets to the brain still rowdy jesus really
died, you crucify mutual suicide who am i? local with vocals goinh coast to
coast heaven'll move me right fo sho deception wheather my brethren but sunny
days when they parley get killed when they get tah steppin 'member the weapon's
close and the doctor said i need time to myself in the ocean those frivolous
thoughts but i'm brought up full of this independence caught up server
relentless evil intentions nobody knows em even the henchmen warrior, poet
never to mention i love my lady rebel we can get this stroke on, we can get
this stroke on, we can get this stroke on
We keepin the lights on at ruthless and i ain't fuckin the boss lookin at me
sexy take your clothes on but my dick'll go soft! never mix business with your
sickness enemy see me flipin in the picnic with your little divided conquer but
my sister was ready to bomb her! get off the dizznik, and up off my boyz give
us achoice how could you ever tell sony that i was the only one makin noise
ain't a breech of trust look in the gutter, unh, never judge ya book by its
cover, word to tha mothafuka i.....i din't stutter but what if i lost it and
came in the office and nobody lost it and came in the office and nobody lost it
and came in the office and nobody noticed with liquid explosives on top of
versace clothes give up the ghost krazie's picasso, lil' layzie like ceasar,
stacks like lil' pesci n casino and wish don't give a fuck! o i'm gambino -n-
the walkin dead woke up on the wrong side of the bed bible of survival tripple
six rival tripple six rival member you said i read but i roll with the killas,
niggas that
'll bust you in club you don't feel us strapped in the bed, strapped pickin'
up the kids in the realist, the realist, the realest, the realest.
It'll make your body shake when its too late soon as you flipped of the safety
baby this we all day don't tell me you crazy, will they sell me? hell naw!
for the reason this weepin widow be the deamon so cheap and at least she peepin
go peep deep dead in you pockets no sleep rollin with my crucifix lucifer
usually uses the rule of these wicked tricks in the school of these ghetto
games and the fool of this bitches mist i say shame, shame, shame. enemies
attackin me actually i'm in the grain ask mr. majesty these casualties well
their passing me by but i hear death callin when its so cold in the room who's
stallin better come after me, we say fuck y'all all in the battle we, we
battle, we battle we.

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