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Letras de Call My Coach de Dave East

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Well look at that, the best of the East. A Philly nigga talking that talk on a Harlem nigga mixtape. All you niggas gonna hate this

Dave East, spinning in that foreign with them suede seats
Signed a deal with Nas but in the streets, I'm still waste deep
I'm just tryna swim out, play that water like Michael Phelps
Bullet proof the tint out, Light up before I spin out
I fuck with bitches that teach yoga, I'm weed blowing
The streets know em just keep flowing, that's what Malik told me
Right before they caught his body, I'm in your apartment lobby
Tryna get these packs off way before I go and talk to Papi
New York City, make it here, you make it anywhere
Some nights I was really broke, them days I didn't really care
Check me out, I ain't in prison, nobody stretched me out
Niggas catching head shots like "Homie, what that vest about?"
Trip to Baltimore, I got some work I let 'em test it out
We back and forth silver spring, my cousin's selling weapons now
Couldn't make this up, they let bully go then locked profit
Ravenswood the cops watch us, surviving off of Hot Pockets
I fell in love with selling kush, I got my youngins straight
Feel like I ain't ate in days, codeine help my stomach ache
The offense triangle, they need a better defense
I had the Jeep, would go to Richmond almost every weekend
I never seen Shook graduated from Springbrook
College dropout, hit the trap, I know how them fiends look
Roll the blue carpets out, it's money what we talking bout
They hate the clothes that I wear, they hate the hoes I brought around
Hate that I was nice at ball, they hate that I can talk that shit
Hate that I got passport stamps from taking awesome trips
Think they hate me now, wait til I park the ghost
I feel like I should call my coach, laughing while I'm coughing smoke

I don't know where the hate started. What you thought we were gonna stop now? Nah, we can't stop now, I love this shit too much. Dave East
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