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Letras de Free Charlie (interlude) de Dave East

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While I thank you, I thank the Lord above
While I thank you, I thank the Lord above

(Verse: Dave East)
?Bout to blow me a dub, free Charlie
I knew I can depend any time I would need Charlie
They a young'in a seven, I can even see Charlie
Just last week I was say'in, ?past the weed Charlie?
My little niggas stay sharper than Steve Harvey
Was like my mother's son, she would tell you come eat Charlie
I got a couple dollars, was getting Q&Ps off of'em
Even had Earl eaten, football season was awesome
Copped a great challenger, black stripes, DC plates
Every time I had in Harlem we used to eat great
We was just sitt'in at Apple stores copp'in iPhones
Burberry was your twist, young'in got his style on
Asked me what I needed, copped the studio equipment
Me and props, set it up, you told me handle business
Before you had the dreads, Earl told me you was family
Every chance I get I'm sending flix that's just the man in me
You told me to lay heat, you was repen'in Dave East
Before any of these niggas was a fan of me
Call you when I heard they locked E up
We was try'in to score, no one thinking we had to D up
Just take it like a G cuz, get your weight up
Watch niggas before you know it we back in Vegas
If they sign me for a million, you coming home to the latest
Pray to God we make it
We was gett'in bent, fuck that money spent
No prior charges, still do'in eighty five percent
Hold your hand, hold your hand, hold your head
Think about you when I wake up
Before I go to bed, stay biz rough
But I glad you didn't go to feds
I'ma stand by every single word I know I said
California was your new favorite
If nothing else, you said nigga you needs some new haters

Free Charlie

We about to go to it tonight (laughing)
Ahh, Ahh, Ahh
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