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Letras de Opinions (ft. floyd miles) de Dave East

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I'm just trying to get this dope (just tryna get it)
Every other city I go
Every other dollar I see
I'm just trying to get this dough (trying to get it)
Tell them niggas watch and see
Every other city I go
Every other dollar I see
I'm just trying to get this dough
Tell them niggas watch and see

Verse 1:
Everybody got opinions like an iPhone
We Buy chrome, certain blocks you couldn't ride on
Dollar vans, Jamaica ave for the tan Timbs
Still wondering if the Lord forgives when man sin
I'm about an bankroll, small paper beat it
Humble but conceited, ain't none of these niggas need it
Approach me like a king when I'm greeted
Gang members throwing up there set, that's there
From a block never talk about it, if you ain't see it
F*** the cops, I ain't never hustle back with so roll up the backwoods
Ravens wood burning on the fire, the D's pressing
Relocate it back up town, pass me my crown
They say the head of king is heavy, stacking green fully loaded magazine 'case your team get jelly
Knock em off asking for change like a seen in belly
How the fuck they match my bars, never seen a celly
Tell ya team get ready

Chorus 2X:
Verse 2:
Tripping Lobster, aura like a pimp or mobster
Plate the chopper, make him go a switch his roster
Feel like the sickest when I kick it, go and get the doctor
Getting chicken, now they looking at me different FAWK EM!
Young and buck em, I'm tryna Lamborghini truck em. Nothing
Pull that foreign out, your bitch is fucking
Play the back, Getting smacked with crystal button
Pump it up, still I'm focused like i'm just erupting
I was fucked up for a long time, I'm talking struggling
You ain't talking 'bout no money, you ain't talking nothing
I already fucked her sister, tryna hit her cousin
Acting like y'all get it cracking but y'all niggas bluffing
Fill that Tahoe up with bird, then we call it stuffing
Wavy cuffing, that bitch is really so disgusting
She was naked in the condo, woke up making muffins
Pack a number nine like Rondo for you niggas fronting

Chorus 2X: [Dave East/Floyd Miles]
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