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Letras de Smokin Kush de Dave East

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I'm smoking kush from San Diego
All my niggas in here selling kilos
Ain't gotta talk about it nigga they know
A lot of money everywhere that we go (x5)

Cock it then I aim it, let it go and reload
I remember pissing for my PO
They tried to hit me I am not no hero
Took over the building got me feeling like I'm Nino
When I was betting hunids' on a game of Cee-Lo
Niggas see me tuck they chain it make me feel like D Bo
It wasn't easy we was starving had to tuck my ego
Thought of robbing cause a nigga bank account on zero
A raging bull, I'm paid in full but should I feel like Rico?
They hit my nigga with that kingpin talking Rico
Stashing work in her pussy she came from Puerto Rico
I copped the hammers from a Russian think his name was Nico
Molly powder after hours make this shit a free show
You stressing bitches I hit easy that feel like a free throw
I heard you niggas talking greezy take your life no repo
Just take it easy you can see me everywhere that we go

Spanish bitch her body look like J-Lo
My shooter in the cut a Scary Site not talking Fredo
These niggas will cross they own brother like they Fredo
Now it's time to build it up not talking Legos
My young bitch she gon' believe me just because I say so
I just might be on your TV ask your bitches they know
Overnight them pounds coming I can't let a day go
Profit told me East you got em' trust me nigga they know
I remember missing shows cause' we ain't have no cable
Now I'm the hottest in my city it be hard to lay low
I want the chicken, want this money all the fucking pesos
Money on your head will turn that fitted to a halo
Pour codeine inside my drink I guarantee my day slow
I'm having visions of that Audemar I had to save though
If it's war niggas will spray your car not talking Maaco
If that's your bitch don't let her see me you should make her stay home

A lot of money everywhere that we go
Everywhere that we go
A lot of hammers everywhere that we go
Everywhere that we go
A lot of bitches everywhere that we go
Everywhere that we go
A lot of money everywhere that we go
Everywhere that we go
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