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Letras de If Ort Was Back Again de Mogul

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He’s got his footie mates 
Some summer Speedway dates 
And then of course there’s quiznites at the Legion 
He was in the Turk’s Head 
Or so Geoff’s sister said 
And The Lion, I think last Sunday 
If Ort woz back again the sun would shine 
Straight down on Wednesbury’s best fish bar 
All the time 
I might get in touch 
I could phone him up 
And everything would be the same as ever 
I bet he’s still a Goth 
Still wears a West Brom top 
To the five-a-side on Monday’s 
Ort worked out the meaning of existence when he was seven. He’s clever like that
He saw that it’s better to play it safe an’ be a big fridge-freezer in your local pub than risk Everything and end up broke and alone, somewhere you don’t belong
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