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Letras de Have Fun Go Mad de Blair

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Aoo aoo aoo aoo
All aboard that funkboat now
i'm about to start sailin' now
all you reaggers and all your party trickers
everybody is in the funky blowout
you know wez said sell from just around the corner from the porter bella road
downtown w tender my bass a-baby, baby do what ya done till, i got
bottles of beer and a deck for two
all my friends are now coming in
lousiana jones - looking good girls
so open the bottle let the party begin
i'm on a mic, make ya dance, make ya funk, make you sweat
from anow until the break of dawn
so - get off the rollers, have a ball
from anow till the morning comes, and i said
(refr x 2)
Have fun go mad, do what i say
have fun go mad, du du badi du
have fun go mad, a- comeon
have fun living in the city
come along, come along, come along everybody everybody in the place to be
it's capita-b capita-b on a microphone
hit-t on the funkybase tree
now barrada-b you've got a disc-crop, trance-crop, dance-crop
just what you've got to do
i said; ladies and gentlemen
this one goes out to you, and i said
(here we go)saxophone solo
So let it be, let it be my, my turn to dance
so make in a space up and on the floo
cause i really wanna take this chance
..bust the move, thrust the move, lust the move - you know i got no chain
i wanna do it again, i wanna do it again, i wanna do it do it do it do it do it do it do it again
i like it, i like it, i like it (say it baby)
oh my got i think a like it alot
when you shake your funky tursha in front of me like you know what you giving like you know what you got
cause it is a high brow, bull crowd, hang out, club house - just where i wanna be (high brow, bull crowd, club house)
you said - lord have mercy, lord have mercy on me

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