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Letras de True Love de Patti Murin

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I've sat alone in this room before
Hours and hours on end
I know this delusional 'Wish the door
Will open to reveal a friend'

I know this solitude
I know this kind of cold
But I had faith in what the stories told
Of true love
How I'd find true love

And here I am in this room again
Just as lost and small
That lonely girl with a desperate heart
Is who I am, after all

There's no escaping her
But now the dream is gone
Because I spend a lifetime counting on
True love
True love

I was looking for a fairy tale
And dove headfirst into his
Turns out, you cant find love
If you don't know what it is

And now it's clear I'll never leave this room
It ends as it began
With no one but myself to blame
I played my part
In the plan

Dreaming got me here
And yet the dream won't die
I can't wish it away
No matter how I try

True love
True love
True love.
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