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Letras de Electric Lady de Janelle Monae

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Gloss on her lips
Glass on the ceiling
All the girls showing love
While the boys be catching feelings
Once you see her face, her eyes, you'll remember
And she'll have you falling harder than a Sunday in September
Whether in Savannah, K-Kansas or in Atlanta
She'll walk in any room, have you raising up your antennas
She can fly you straight to the moon or to the ghettos
Wearing tennis shoes or in flats or in stilettos
Illuminating all that she touches, eye on the sparrow
A modern day Joan of her Arc or Mia Farrow
Classy, sassy, put you in a razzle-dazzy
Her magnetic energy will have you coming home like Lassie
Singing, "Ooh, shock it, break it, baby"
Electro-, sophisti-, funky, lady
We the kind of girls who ain't afraid to get down
Electric ladies go on and scream out loud musica.com
Electric Lady, get way down
'Cause tonight we gon' do what we want to
Electric Lady, get way down
'Cause tonight we gon' do what we want to

[Verse 2: Cee-Lo Green]
Her smile is a special effect
Her femininity, a firework
Enough light to illuminate an entire earth
Just how does one house it?
And I must utter something absolutely avant-garde to arouse it
The smell of you and the sight of you
The scent to the left and the right of you
I'm somewhere in the ballpark of being all heart
She's the intangibility encouraging all art
And I'm so sincere
I'd write my name somewhere to let them know that Lo has been here
But no, not to deface it or disgrace it
It's affection, I love you and I'm proud just to embrace it
Lady, let your light shine, despite mine
I wanna watch you come alive in the nighttime
'Cause she's been blessed with the best, it's progressive
Turn 'em off, she's electric musica.com
Electric Lady, get way down
'Cause tonight we gon' do what we want to
Electric Lady, get way down
'Cause tonight we gon' do what we want to

Electric Lady, yeah

[Verse 3: Big Boi]
I got that Georgia power
And the way I thrust my hips be having her grip it for some hours
Extracting divine liquor from a flower
No botanist, but doubling down with such prowess
And cowards are easily devoured
Ain't no need for sweet and sour chicken
Let's see about her, we about to meteor shower
From the top of the heavens out to the earth
Intergalactic satisfaction when we burst a pair of solar flares
And we don't care because it's only me and her
Her and me, another dimension in this love and she concurs
Or agree to disagree
We might bump heads then bump uglies 'cause she's into me
Or shall I say I'm all the way into her
On that ass like some yoga pants
Naked Pilates, get it started, then that pole dance
Keep it swollen like a boxer's eye with no hands
With no hands...no hands

Ooh, shock it, break it, baby
Electric Lady, Electric Lady
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