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Letras de Yo Fui (en Inglés) de Los Nuevos Ilegales

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He learned to be a guerrilla
From plebs for the Magisterium,
And he grew up and started to pull,
In the Tornado, I saw it happen...

All over town, La Rosca the place,
He went away light-hearted, everything changed,
For better, for worse too,
His father fell from that white boy....

The kid got into the ring.
He was a soldier in the Vago's ranks,
Short horn, the toast and its skirt,
The guacamole to roll up your sleeves....

Active on patrol, ready to fight,
Anywhere, just ahead,
My loyalty, to El Cholo Ivan,
And El Chapo Guzman, I Was Elegant.

(And pure New Illegals,
Today only, it sounds and says)

Rat Güera piloting
The guachos saw us on the ground,
That's how that chase began,
I step on the Highlander of terror....

Guamúchil was present, what happened,
That the car was left, all shot up,
He ran to him, and so the book, nothing happened to them,
They came out intact.... musica.com
Little boy on the move
For La Rosca and for Badiraguato,
In The Backpack look at my end,
The anchor guys fall down and I start braiding....

Said Mr. Guzman, we're going to escape,
Go, General, I'll distract them here,
There's more to it than that, I'll jam them,
The Lolo and the Raid, they went down fighting....

Compa Cora good friend
And from Los Palmas, compa Colochio,
Goodbye to Chicho and Luisón too,
I see them flying from here where I am....

It was a lot of fun, I lived it to the million,
I've always been into action, and The Neto knows it,
Balu Cuen, I commission the Calf,
It was my adoration, I Was Elegant.
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