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Tired of all the excuses for not excepting EXCEL
You're just waiting for some friend to lift off your shell
The bitterness inside me gets stronger and bigger each year
Now you sit down and tell me who is the one to fear

Who the one
Who the one

I wish I could sit down and shake hands with my inner-self
Sign a contract stating that I'm at peace with myself
But I know it's not the case at hand
I should try to live a normal life while I still can

Who the one
Who the one

Now I live for my views
And you can take it as a few
But obviously you are wrong
Now kick it and hear my song
You've known me all your life
And my feelings you begin to site
So please hear me out
Cuz I'm right and there's no doubt

Tired of excuses - These are
For not accepting EXCEL
These are my thoughts!
You're just wailing - I think
Someone lift your shell - You're lost
Bitterness inside me - These are
Bigger and stronger each year
These are my thoughts!
Now you just sit down - I think
Tell me who's the one to fear -You're lost musica.com
Wish I could sit down - These are
Shake hands with my inner-self
These are my thoughts!
Sign a contract stating - I think
That I'm at peace with myself - GO!!
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