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Letras de Intro de Lil Duval

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Good evening ladies and gentleman, this is Ryan Depressed
Out here at the Grand Hustle, Grand Hustle album release party
For some guy, I have no idea who the fuck this nigga is
But it's gon get me closer to T.I., so I guess I gotta do it
Matter fact, here he come right here
Wassup man, what's ya name man
Big Kuntry
I ain't ask ya how big ya was
I'm just sayin' who are you
Oh that's ya name
Oh okay cool, so um what's goin' on
Wait, what's your name again, big, what
I'll just call you T.I. friend
Aye check this out T.I. friend
T.I. friend, how can I get down wit T.I.,
This about you
You don't realize no one gives a fuck, about you
Man gon take yo ass in there, gon head wit ya little show ya finna do
This bitch is packed though
Goddamn you got a lot of people at this motherfucker
You must have done told 'em you know T.I.,
You done put out a myspace flash, and say hey T.I. gon be here
Where T.I. at? he ain't here, what?
This all for you, I don't believe this shit
I'ma have to go in here myself to see this shit
You have to show me playa, make a believer out of me
Show me it's your turn to eat Ain't no dick ridin' money makin' killers here
I'm gon keep on killin' shit until a nigga get a mill
Niggas talkin' down mayne, say that he ain't the south
Come to the underground, you see them slaves walkin' out
Bricks we supplyin' them, bird watchers eyein' em
Haters what we iron em, snitches we retire them
Ain't nobody fly as him, I'm picture perfect like HD film
Big homie, yeah that be him, niggas try to copy, well that be them
My swag rollin' off through they ears, I'm so real when it come this here
My fans happy that a gangsta here, real life, trapper
These niggas ain't gangsta, they wanna be best rapper
They life ain't nothin' but microphone, when a real nigga tryna get the grind up
Nigga talk shit gettin' clapped up, yeah the trap'll sound like a audience
You already know you ain't hard to hit, show me you fake, you outta here
When it come to the streets my heart is here, on the stage where they want me at
Look at the arenas gettin' pack, security, they ain't movin' back
Cause the cocaine I'm spittin' that Damn dawg, that there was tight as shit mayne
Nigga you is the next nigga to eat nigga
I ain't tell you I rap did I?

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