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Letras de Intro (tha Truth Pt. 2) de Lil Duval

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Coming live and direct
From Lil Duval
You know what it is
Nigga tired bruh
Tired of mother fuckers asking me for shit
Mother fuckers gonna ask me for money and
Nigga still owe me Goddamn money tired shit
Yea am tired of this shit
I'm tired of mother fuckers
And I know ain't got it
Goddamn out there spending more than me
Bitch I can't even afford that shit
How can you afford it
I'm tired of you niggas lying
And it will be the same goddamn nigga asking me for money
Get you some money?
Bitch goodbye
Ain't giving you no goddamn money
You and them ugly ass kids you got
I been wanting to see them since I seen them mother fuckers
You keep posting pictures of them
Stop posting pictures of them
I have flagged all of them mother fuckers
Goddamn it tired
Niggas talking about he got all the work
Selling all the dope
Bitch you still stealing credit card numbers
That ain't all the work I'm tired of you
Tired of all ya'll bitches
Get one camio
On the goddamn love and hip hop
On the goddamn background action walker
And he won't bere to congratulate you
Bitch what up I am just here to congratulate
For what you did'nt do nothing
You just walking by
Nigga tierd bruh
I can keep
Going on and on and on for days
But bitch I'm tired

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