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Letras de Wildstyle #503 de Lil Duval

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I can't think of nothing, but ain't no lame
Tell that nigga Spanks, stop wearing them fake-ass chains

James, James, James
You're wearing camouflage pants, that's not a good trick
Why make it even harder for the girls to find your dick?

We been over here, Black Team, straight beastin'
And you guys suck more than the Lakers this season

Ras, you look good on my TV, but my picture is blurry
Your ass may be fat but you've got to lay off that curry

See, it's not curry, it's cardamom
And if you don't believe me, just ask your mom

Karlous, I roll with your momma, I go to the club, I'll bring her
I call her my bowling ball cause she needs three fingers You talking crazy 'bout the squad, but you know you don't really want none
This fat...loses his breath from playing Temple Run

Yeah, y'all cheated, y'all playing all wrong
When you know you got more hoes on y'all team than a 2 Chainz song

Spank, you said you Googled me; he found one vid that erupted
Well, Spank, I Googled you too, and I ain't find nothing
MTV hit me up like yo, ? be hard
Wild'n Out the only thing you've got, fool, you NEED this job

Yo, Rasika, you know I get crazy forever
You look like Kumar and Mr. Ed had a baby together
'Los, when will you cats really learn?
This...beard looks like Katt Williams perm
Chico, you know I'm the one for real, you're the one I kill
This ain't Fresh Prince why am I battling Uncle Phil

At the end of the day, we really don't give a damn
We did this whole show just to post that bitch on instagram

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