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Letras de Headless Burial de Govana

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We no run up inna people
A gunshot a run up inna skin
Shub the 44 up under your chin
Ready man ready
Every clip load to the brim
Klup, klup, sound a the fire pin
Inna face gun rest
We no waan hold dem a Sumfest
Me no waan hold dem a Sting
Yo, brawling middle day
Me waan ketch dem 'pon me nozzle
And gi' dem everything

Talk Banks ready a the phone call
Dem a wait 'pon
Rifle a Asian, Glock a Haitian
90 me wave long, shot a break hand
Coulda front a the station mek the K slam
Headless burial we gi' to wasteman
Weh big like Vietnam the clip dem a bare 'pon
Pussy, your name is Kaitlyn Jenna
One Genna 'bout ya, a fourth Generation
Jones ave Dem a go dead enuh
Tell dem fi 'memba say gunshot cheap
Mac 90 a chop off dem head enuh
Whoa, mumma bawl and weep
So me say every man dem link with
Dem a go sink with
Dem bwoy deh no bloodclaat killer
Me say every man dem link with
Dem a go sink with
Dem a go dead 'bout yah

Tell dem seh war bad fi dem business
'Cause any how it start dem club haffi shut
That mean, no more freakiness cyaan gwaan
No, no more pussy cyaan suck
Cah when it start up, every Glock a charge up
Rifle man a march up, shoot anything we buck
Fella done tell me say everything lift up
And wild life man dem ready fi go wuk
So tell dem seh

Lenky, you done know how Belison stay
So me a beg you just warn dem
Him no care, coulda night or middle inna the day
Dem a get it from me send him fi go corn dem
Dilly with the bloodclaat Milli K, nah play
Bare man a scream like Carmen
Know weh dem link and par
Dem bwoy deh yet never win a war
So me know seh
Yo, me no waan no man a respond either enuh, dawg
You see me
Cah me no deh 'pon no clashing thing
And no chatting thing with no man
Different thing me a deal with, you hear that
Feel like man a clown like Devin the bomboclaat Dakta
Dem can beat this, a wha do unno bwoy
We lef' people headless and friendless
Spanish Town man thing
Cah some bwoy tek this music thing too far enuh dawg
Cah me nah deal with no music
You no see weh me a deal with dawg
Different bomboclaat thing
Me no inna laughing or no talking with no man
Me no waan no man a respond or reply
Cah me no inna no clashing with no man
Different thing, real Genna
Genna Genna, fourth Genna

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