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Letras de Run Road de Govana

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Louis V shades, rope twist, clean shave
Mi nuh wear cheap gears, ice inna each ears
Talk tough, lef' 3 pon yuh chest, D Wade
Mi dark like a deep cave
Mi kush heights, steep stairs

Clarks real suede, cool like my freeze bathe
Cologne sweet, like the honey weh the bees made
Brains shell pon yuh ends like the ocean, sea wave
Anyweh we step, when we lef', that haffi repave

You know we, you know we, you know we run road
You know we, you know we, you know we gun load
You know we, say from a gyal, that a ton load
A J.O.P a run the street, unuh done know!
Presidential roll like Obama
Diddy Don, the general, me a the Governor
And we full a tall broom like Osama
Mek a step pon yuh endz, lef' no corner! Mi have di diploma, fi di streets so nuh chat when you see mi out yah
Wha' do dem Mickey Mouse yah?
All 'La La Land' you see Diddy 'Donia
You nah see me sober
A gyal a fi mi chauffeur

The aroma, is it my cologne a?
My deh a Spain, and she smell my outta little Gopal
Mi a di city prowler, nuh push kiddy stroller
A nuh rugrat, nuh cartoon, nuh nickelodeon

It necessary, fresh cologne splash
Yeah, she smell me, "wha' she tell me?"
Diddy a di hottest thing, heaven sent me
Take pin, then picture, her 'Berry send me

The gyal dem say we fly, "oh my!", G6 territory
Full suit, berry, berry
Evidently, J.O.P

[Repeat Chorus]

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